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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces: What Should I Get?

One common source of anxiety in children is having to get braces to fix their teeth. They are clunky, can draw unwanted attention, and even cause minor aches and pains inside the child’s mouth. Worst of all, they remain there until your orthodontist decides to remove them. 

This can all change with Invisalign, which is an alternative to conventional braces that can provide people with a discreet solution to teeth alignment. They may even allow people to remove them at meals and special events—although it is highly suggested to keep them on for at least 20 hours per day.  

In the past, anyone who needed specialized dental care only had a few options. These days, the challenge is more of choosing what option best fits your needs. Here in Lethbridge, Invisalign has the potential to help a lot of these patients who are looking for a better option. 

Should I Choose Invisalign?

All this brings us to the question—should I get Invisalign for myself as an adult? The worries associated with conventional braces are common in children. For adults, the assumption is that these worries won’t have as big an effect. 

Invisalign was not meant for children only. In fact, the innovations that came with the release of Invisalign focused mostly on giving dental patients much more flexibility.

It makes more sense if we take a look at a few statistics. In North America, one in four suffers from some form of tooth decay while a large portion of the adult population suffers from dental complications. This includes periodontal diseases, reaching almost as many as half of all the adults in the continent.

With all that, Invisalign aims to fill that gap of untreated dental patients. Better mastication and greater confidence are just some of the benefits you can enjoy. 

In Comparison to Other Alternatives

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to lock yourself in right away, at least not without a little more information. Remember that every dental patient has a choice of what treatments they would like to proceed with. 

Primarily, the difference between Invisalign and more conventional practices is the fact that they can give you a level of flexibility that is difficult or outright impossible with all the rest. That said, it does have its special care concerns; patients with Invisalign need to be careful and avoid stains. Stained Invisalign, after all, defeats the purpose of having a clear retainer. 

However, the main difference that most patients call out is the fact that the impact of their Invisalign is much more immediate, mostly thanks to the fact that Invisalign is much more comprehensive. Plus, the fact that they’re removable means you’re able to smile as wide as you want for that next selfie. 


Specialized dentistry often has the effect of intimidating patients. This could exacerbate the situation, as this often means that patients will delay their treatments or skip them outright. Invisalign is one of those brands that aim to improve on that by helping patients find the confidence they need. 

London Road Dental might just have the dental treatment you need to jump-start that confidence. After all, with a better smile, you’re sure to feel more comfortable in your own shoes. 

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