Crowns/Implant Crowns

Crowns and implants are custom-built to replace the upper portions of teeth that have suffered cosmetic damage. With the roots otherwise intact, we can quickly restore your teeth to their regular appearance.


This permanent solution involves constructing a false tooth to cover up a tooth that was lost to damage or surgery. Dental-grade porcelain maintains the appearance of a regular tooth, while the implant is held in place by your other teeth.


Dentures are aesthetic and functional solutions that replace the function of missing teeth but may be removed at any time. Taking the time to design a comfortable and form-fit pair ensures better results for your smile and chew.

Root Canal Treatment

Clearing and disinfecting abscesses that cause pressure and tooth pain ensures the best health outcomes for those with hard-to-reach problems. We freeze locally for comfort and thoroughly address any issues at the roots.


Clearing inner-tooth infection prevents a costly and uncomfortable root canal later on. We locate problem areas through x-ray, then carefully remove the damaged tooth portion and replace it with natural-looking or silver implants.


Inlays and onlays are a form of indirect restoration, where a single, solid piece fits the specific size and shape of the tooth cavity and is an effective solution for damage that is not extensive enough to require a crown.

To remove gaps, whiten teeth, and have an overall healthier looking smile, contact London Road Dental to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Lethbridge.

Remember, your smile speaks before you even say a word!

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